About focus262

We work with institutional investors, financial advisors and technology providers. Read more about our views on the future of asset management here.

Focus262 was established to help investors and creative businesses transform investment management and improve productivity within financial services.

There are major changes underway in investing and financial services through the intersection of finance, data, behavior and design. These changes are leading to greater transparency, productivity and a better understanding of drivers of risk and return.

Solutions for institutional investors:

The existing investment management and investment advisory landscape is overly complex, fragmented and intermediated, making investing expensive and ineffective for the end investor. The complexity is further compounded by jargon, terminology and multiple definitions of the same thing. Investors need simplicity, clarity and unbiased advice.

For institutional investors that recognize these challenges, focus262 offers the following:

  • Customized advice and solutions : quantify tradeoffs and implications of investment decisions based on the investor’s specific situation, constraints and capabilities, leading to superior investment strategies.
  • Portfolio analytics and strategies : leverage recent advances in technology and data to implement more effective (cheaper and less risky) solutions and improve your organization’s productivity

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Advisory solutions for RIAs and retail financial technology providers:

Robo-advisors have validated the market for automated advice. However, the risk analysis and end portfolio solutions continue to be overly simplistic and may not be appropriate in certain cases (e.g. bond funds are considered to be “low risk” without an understanding of duration).

At focus262, we combine fundamental markets concepts developed over 16 years of managing institutional portfolios with an understanding of recent advances in data analytics and technology to provide better risk and financial planning tools.

From basic market updates to detailed portfolio risk analysis, we can add insights to help you improve your offering.

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Startups, disrupters, angels and innovators:

If you are a creative individual or business with a transformative solution in the investment space, contact us to see how we might be able to work together.

Why the name?

The “262” in focus262 represents the 26.2 miles in a marathon. Long-term investing is similar to a marathon, requiring focus, preparation and analysis across multiple disciplines. Similar to how a marathon runner trains for a race, understanding the mental and physical demands at each mile, the goal is to help the client focus on what matters in their journey and complete the 26.2 miles.